Identify Your Ideal Client

Identify Your Ideal Client

Are you struggling with how to find and target people who desire and most importantly will pay you for your services? Then I can pretty much guarantee that you haven’t clearly identified your ideal client, because once you do, it will be clear where to find them and what they want. Enjoy this brief but succinct article from branding expert and Diamond client Kelly Green on how to quickly and easily identify your ideal client.
Your Ideal Client
In a previous post “Have You Chosen Your Niche“, I identified some critical strategies for clarifying your niche. Now, once you’ve clarified your niche you must identify your ideal client within that niche. Why is this important? Because you still need to develop compelling marketing messages that will hit your target. Think of it like throwing darts at a dart board. In order to hit the bulls-eye, the target must be clearly identified.

Hopefully you went through the exercises I suggested in order to clarify your niche. By doing so you would have come up with a visual of the market you serve. That includes the demographics of that market. But as you can see below, demographics will only tell you part of the story for your ideal client.

In or to connect the dots and get a more complete profile, considering the following. (This will let you know precisely what needs must be addressed in all of your marketing campaigns):

  • Demographic bases (age, family size, life cycle, occupation)

  • Geographic bases (states, regions, countries)

  • Behavior bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, responses)

  • Psycho-graphic bases (lifestyle, values, personality)

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your ideal clients’ psycho-graphics:

  1. What does my ideal client actually look like? What is his/her lifestyle?

  2. What career/ profession are they in? Where are they in their career/ profession?  Do they even have a career/ profession?

  3. How do they spend their free time? What is motivating them to seek the solutions you are providing?

  4. What are my target market’s Hot Buttons? What do they really care about (in their words) in regards to my services? (Be very specific)

  5. What is the core solution I provide for that ONE ideal client?!

Now that you have your completed ideal client profile, get out their and market your services! Good luck! Happy Branding!!

Kelly Green, is YOUR Personal Branding Coach! Empowering small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself, to attract more clients by building a masterful brand.  Learn from a 15-year marketing veteran of the entertainment industry the Insider Branding Secrets to propel your Personal Brand to superstar status! Get more visibility, more clients and more money!

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