Internet Business: More Top 10 Hottest Online Niches (Pt.2)

Ready to finally get your internet business up and running? Still trying to work out a niche? No worries. Welcome to the second part of the Top 10 Hottest Niches online right now! In case you need to catch up – read about the first five hot niches here. If you’re all caught up, let’s get right to it and talk about the next five hot marketplaces on the web today.

Remember that the web is growing everyday! If you even get the slightest inspiration for a internet business from this article, it probably would be best to snatch up a keyword rich domain name for it now. The .com names are really important to secure because they can bring you the greatest success in the search engine rankings. If you aren’t at that point yet, it’s fine. I’m sure that these additional five niches will give you some inspiration.

6. Legitimate Online Jobs
It’s no surprise that because there are so many out of work these days that there is a high demand for creating other sources of income. Unfortunately even as the job market increases there will still be a residual effect of all the businesses that failed and the people who, as a result, lost their jobs. That’s why search for legitimate online jobs and home-based jobs is a growing marketing. You can capitalize on this growth if you act fast.

*Bonus Niche
Cover Letter & Resume Guides
In keeping with this theme, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for cover letter and resume writing services, software, etc. You could set up a blog on resume building and link to various services and products. Or you could create a service yourself. Again – I don’t see this niche slowing down for a long while.

7. Game Guides
I’m completely clueless when it comes to this niche, but I do know that it has been and continues to be a rapidly growing niche that gets a LOT of traffic from people who are qualified and buy. If you can create a guide for one of the popular games out there such as the Zygor Alliance & Horde World of Warcraft Leveling & Dailies Guides or Dugi’s World Of Warcraft Leveling / Dungeon / Dailies Guide then you can make big bucks online! Just find where you fit in.

8. Green Products
Living green is not a Hollywood fad any longer. It is part of the social consciousness. You know it is when major companies are marketing green products – like Clorox®. I created a squidoo lens on green cleaning products a few years back just because I was into it and wanted to make a few affiliate bucks off of it. But imagine what you can do now? There are tons of great “green” products out there to promote — and there are many other products yet to be developed. Possibly by you? One of the hottest sub niches in this market right now is alternative energy sources. Imagine no more electric bills? Heck yeah!

9. Health & Fitness
You betcha that health and fitness is still one of the hottest niches on the web. Think about it. You must know at least one person changing their eating habits this month, one person on a diet, one who hates their body, one who just lost weight, etc. I could go on and on. We are obsessed with our fitness. We all want to look good. So the key to getting into this highly competitive niche, is to absolutely drill it down and find a good sub niche that you can rank in. Focus on one particular thing. Like one of the hottest sub niches in this market is focusing on fit abs.

*Bonus Niche – Sports buffs are online. I don’t know why, but they are. They do a lot of research on how they can improve whatever it is that they do. Football, soccer, golf. One of the hotter sub niches in this marketplace is something called vertical training. People are willing to pay big bucks to learn how to vertically train better so that they are better at their sport of choice.

10. Learning Languages
Sure you see all those commercials on television about that software that teaches people in NASA how to speak a foreign language – but did you know that software costs hundreds of dollars? It is way out of the average consumer’s budget. Yet learning a language is on the “to do” or “bucket list” of many more people than you realize. The search statistics don’t lie. Folks want to learn a second language for self-improvement, better job opportunities, etc. Listed in popularity order, the hot languages in this niche include: SpanishFrenchChineseGermanJapanese .

Internet Business Tip: Find someone who is already selling a product or service in the niche that you are interested in. Consider purchasing that item as an investment into your niche research. Study it. See what you can do to make the product or service better, faster, simpler, or more attractive to the consumer.

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