Internet Business: Top Ten Hottest Online Niches (Pt.1)

There are two types of internet business beginners. The first type are those who already have a business, a niche, a marketplace — but aren’t confidant about that choice. They aren’t exactly sure if they have chosen the right niche. The second type are more common and those are folks who want to start an internet business but aren’t sure which direction to go in – which niche to choose. This is especially important if you are considering choosing a niche for affiliate article marketing (which is something I like to do for an extra income stream). You want to pick a niche that’s profitable, popular, but not saturated with competition. That’s the key.

Now if you do a bit of research on picking a niche, most internet marketers are going to tell you to search Amazon etc. to find what things are selling on the web and that’s true. Big sites like that do offer you a barometer on what is “hot” right now on the web. BUT the competition for those niches are probably so fierce, that there is virtually no way you are going to make a dent in it. That’s why you have to choose a big niche that interests you then drill down and find a micro-niche within it that you can specialize in, promote and profit from. Here are my picks:

1. Satellite TV & Movies

Probably due to the tough economy, our need for escape, and the outrageous price of cable television — more folks want the capability of watching cable television on their computers. Sites like have capitalized on this trend, but people want more channels, choices and content then sites like this provide. Find companies that provide this type of software or service, and you have a great potential for affiliate income.

2. WordPress/Blogging

The buzz is all about social media, but guess what? Blogging is hotter than ever. That’s because while it isn’t new and shiny like the social media sites, it is proven to be Google’s favorite thing. If you write good articles on a WordPress blog — traffic is sure to come your way. All the power players on the web use WordPress. That’s why there are a variety of products and services serving the blogging and specifically WordPress community such as templates, premium plugins, etc.

3. Cooking/Recipes

Cooking shows are always popular. Food will never go out of style! And again with the concern people are paying to what they are spending, more individuals and families are cooking home. One of my favorite sub-niches of this hot niche is cooking famous restaurant foods and sauces. I LOVE the taste of restaurant food and would love to replicate the same taste at home for a fraction of the cost. Wouldn’t you?

4. Information Products

People are looking for new careers or second income streams. Creating infoproducts and making money from them is a time-tested and proven income stream that works. You can capitalize on this still hot niche by specializing in a faster, simpler, or specialized way for people to write them.

5. Education/Studying

Students of all sorts are always looking for a faster, easier way to study for the next big test. Getting into private schools, magnet high schools, and top colleges and universities is getting more competitive than ever. Every student wants an edge. Speak to their pain, and promote products or services that will help them edge out their competition and you’ve got a winning niche.

Internet Business Tip: Do a little research into your niche and it’s sub niches. Find a product or service that you like and find a way to improve it. Make it faster. Simpler. Or a better experience for the customer.

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      im about to release a website that gives a 90 day food plan which will litrally give you the day by day what and when to eat, the food is not weird or anything like that and its food for trainng so will have the people full of energy etc. I was thinking 10 pounds for the ebook and program i just wanted to have your feedback on this and if you think its gonna be a good niche to attack.
      Thanks in advanvance for any feedback



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