Lisa Angelettie: Apex 2010 Award Winner!

Yippee!!! I just discovered that this site “Article Marketing Strategies” has been awarded a 2010 Apex Award for Publication Excellence. It was stiff competition this year as only 1/3 of almost 4000 applicants were presented awards, and MANY of the competitors were writers who work at big universities, hospitals, or financial companies.

Many of these writers were hired and are paid to write for their respective companies. In fact, many of these companies have marketing budgets in place to support these guys and gals, so considering that little ‘ole me is hanging out with some pretty good company, I have to admit I’m a bit excited!

If you want to enter your writing (there are a lot of categories to choose from) for the 2011 competition, make sure to drop by the Apex Award site and download an application. (I have no affiliation with this organization, so I don’t benefit in any way whether you enter or not. Just a recommendation:)

Lisa Angelettie's Apex Award

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  1. Anne says

    Dear Lisa:

    Congratulations, an award well deserved. Of all the online marketers I have been in touch with over the years, you are one of a very few I have continued follow and have a high regard for your most informative articles. You style is friendly, and your content is intelligent. All your articles have a special place in my library of information.

    Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration.

    Anne Schofield
    San Diego, CA

  2. lisaangelettie says

    Thank you so much Anne:) This work can sometimes be very isolating, so it's nice to hear when people are finding value in my articles, etc.

    The Best To You & Your Biz,

  3. Larry says

    Congratulations on being A Winner. Lisa I new to IM and you have helped me immensely. Thanks for helping others as you walk in the spotlight.


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