Managing Google Products

Managing Google Products

Managing your Google products can help you get around the fact that we still cannot successfully merge more than one Google account yet. I still periodically check on Google to see if anything has changed because I am “DYING” to do it. I made a huge mistake early in the beginnings of Gmail and signed up for things like Adsense and Analytics using an account that I don’t really use and is associated with one of my older websites.

So I was able to find a little information via Google’s website on how we can at least get around this big pain in the butt, and move some of our Google products to the Gmail account we prefer. Here’s the deal, straight from Google’s Site on managing Google Products…

Data Move

You can move information from one account to another for the following products.

For any other product, transferring product information is currently unavailable. This may change over time, so check back here for updates. You may find that sharing options listed below may be helpful as well.

Sharing Options

You can use sharing options with the following products to share data between accounts you own:

No data move options

The following products have no data move functionality available, but may give some helpful tips on how to manually recreate your data between accounts.

Okay, so not everything we wanted – but at least something! Also, there is a great resource for helping us move our Google data over at: If you have any input on how to work around this Google account mess, feel free to add your input in the comment section below. Let’s work together!!!


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