Marketing Help: Create A Powerful Joint Venture

You are going to be hearing from me over the next few weeks (sparingly though:) about a powerful joint venture that I have the pleasure to be a part of. One of my favorite organizations for women in online biz — IAWBO (International Association of Women In Business Online) is celebrating their first birthday and doing it with a bang!

Instead of the typical “I’m going to put one of my products on sale for you on my birthday”, they are really doing something special. They hand-picked 30 amazing women who are leaders in their respective niches and created a virtual gift bag of 30 FREE resources that you cannot find anywhere else online. So I obviously want all my folks to go over and grab all the goodies. I will be grabbing them too:)

IAWBO virtual gift bag experts

But I also wanted to mention this particular event for another reason…

One of the BEST ways to truly gain visibility, traction, and more important credibility in your marketplace is to be a part of a powerful joint venture like this one. While I absolutely love the idea of new entrepreneurs gaining access to all these cool resources, I must admit that I also love that I am a part of a joint venture that has been a powerful class-act from beginning to end. Needless to say the professionalism and pure value of the freebies in this offer will more than give me my share of street cred’.

I’ll also build my list effortlessly and gain sales that I normally wouldn’t have made due to my exposure to the people viewing this offer.

Okay – Lisa so how do we find these sorts of great joint venture partnerships?

Well here’s the thing. I didn’t seek this project out. Nor did I seek out any of the last successful 5 joint venture projects that I have participated in. The organizers found me and requested my participation.

How did they find me? My content. Pure and simple. My articles.

So here’s my advice. Do not waste your money on joint venture ebooks, systems, coaching. You don’t need it. Because no matter how hard you research joint ventures and no matter how much information you read about it – the fact is – is that the person with the power needs to find something “worthy”about you to even be bothered. No one really knows the size of another marketer’s list. No one knows truly the income of another entrepreneur. What we do know is what’s transparent. What’s visible. And that’s the type of content, the type of information that you share with the world.

So keep writing! If you’re stuck and haven’t been able to get article marketing to work for you or fit in your marketing schedule. Learn more about my article marketing training course for beginners – Articology.

Also – if you’d like to gain instant access to all 30 of these great free resources [Hint: my resource is about duplicate content secrets!] then please go over to IAWBO and grab yours today. They aren’t celebrating their birthday forever:)

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