Nambu: Superior Twitter Desktop Client?

Is Nambu the perfect social marketing desktop client for Mac lovers? I think yes.

Okay, so I admit that I was a little slow catching on to the whole Twitter desktop client thing. I don’t know – I guess one day I was paying attention on Twitter and I saw that people were sending messages from some other source – other than the web.

So like many people before and after me, I tried TweetDeck which I believe is the most popular desktop client for Twitter. Now TweetDeck worked for a long while. I really had no complaints, other than I never understood the whole Twitter API thing — although countless Twitter users tried to explain it to me:-)

The bottom line was, I was always paranoid about my Twitter API count. But whatever – the application served it’s purpose and was cool. Not today.

For the last couple of days, TweetDeck has basically blow up on my brand new 20″ mac. All my applications seamlessly transferred to my new mac except for TweetDeck. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it with no luck. And that’s really all I’m going to do to fix an application until I go searching for a better alternative and I think I’ve found it. Nambu.

Nambu works much like our favorite Mac applications.

1. Search is sooo easy because it functions much like Mac Mail. You can see home messages, sent, direct, etc. 

2. It supports more than one Twitter account as well as plans for including several other social marketing favorites such as Facebook and

3. It’s a cleaner look and you can adjust the column widths. 

4. Conversations are threaded, so if I reply to someone, I see that reply right under their message AND in my home Twitter timeline. It’s easier for me to follow who I have replied to and who I haven’t.

5. Like Tweetdeck you can shorten urls and add pics.

6. There’s also the lovely feature of clicking on a user’s profile picture and opening a new window with their Twitter details, messages, option to follow or unfollow. I really love this feature.

7. Available as a free APP for iPhone as well.

Although it’s still in Beta, I am falling in love already. So if you are a Mac owner, I highly recommend the switch. Check it out:

*Special thanks to Read Write Web for the heads up!

Are you in love with a different desktop client for Twitter? Tell the community about it here!

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