Only The Cool Kids Need Apply — Are You One?

The Big Shift

In a recent teleclass that I led on The 5 Biggest Shifts That Entrepreneurs Must Make When Writing Articles That Attract Clients, I talked a bit about the dramatic SHIFT that is happening on the web right now. Search engines like Google are now taking a very close look at whether or not your content is being shared via social media and ranking your content based on those factors. This shift will significantly shape your online reputation.

Uh-Oh Is This High School Again?

Okay, so this sounds a little bit like a popularity contest right? Well sort of. The more folks who share, like, retweet, and comment on your content the more IMPORTANT that Google thinks you are. So essentially it comes down to the more people who like you — the better you will do in the search engines, BUT there’s one great advantage you have…

You Have MAJOR Control Over Becoming A Cool Kid

Unlike actual high school, you don’t have to depend on an arbitrary hierarchy  to decide whether your content fares well in the search engines. YOU are on the same playing field as all of your competitors and you are probably 2 steps ahead of all the “Big Boys” in your niche, because everyday people make the decisions on whether to share, retweet, and like content.

If your content is good, if it’s inspiring, if it’s compelling, if it’s entertaining — it will be shared, regardless of WHO you are. When Google sees this, they ASSUME that you are important and rank your content accordingly.

Okay Lisa – So How Important Is This?

This shift towards more importance being paid on social media influence is critical if you want to remain relevant — at least in the search engines. If you are not on social media or created an account a year ago and haven’t been active, it’s time to get on the grid.

If you must choose just one to start with, I’d go with Facebook because it is the largest social media network and it has undergone tremendous growth over the years and continues to do so. If you are a rapid implementer. then I’d sign up with the power 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’re active in social media and want to check just how well you are doing in social media (your social media influence), then a great place to check is: *I have a little disclaimer here though. Don’t get real crazy over your numbers in Klout. Use your Klout number as a frame of reference for how you’re doing in social media and what you need to work on. Then leave it alone.

This Still Sounds Like An Uphill Battle

No, it really isn’t. Sure, there are always going to be leaders who were already powerhouses offline like Oprah and will do great in social media — but when it comes to shining in your niche — social media really does level the playing field. The #1 key is to make sure that you are sharing kick-a@#! content. Get that right and everything else will fall into place. I recommend that you get started by building a strong foundation with articles.

Okay, Now You…

First, if you found value in this article, I’d appreciate it if you tweet or share it with your community or comment on it. Pay it forward please:)

Now for my question of the day: Do you think it’s a good idea for search engines to use social media as a factor for ranking content? Do you believe it puts you at an advantage or disadvantage?

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