Safari Mac Plugins

Safari Mac Plugins

There are a lot of us Mac marketers out there (Mac Marketer Defined: people who do internet marketing on an Apple computer). We are a special bunch, because for the longest time we haven’t had access to many of the great tools, plugins, and software that are especially for online marketers. And then came Firefox…

Yet a lot of us don’t necessarily love Firefox or prefer it because honestly – Safari is faster  – and in our world, we need to move at the speed of light. There is so much to do in the span of a few hours and the faster our browsers, software, and everything else moves – the more productive we can be.

Then came Safari Extensions

Finally, Apple has seen the light and recognized that if they opened Safari to developers – that a lot of cool and really useful plugins and extensions could be created for their beloved browser. Now you can find a list of cool extensions and plugins for Safari at Apple’s new: Safari Extensions Gallery.

There aren’t hundreds of extensions like Firefox yet, but it is growing and there are a few extensions that I like for online business owners and marketers.

Top 5 Safari Extensions

1. Meeting Scheduler for Google Calendar – ScheduleOnce

This extension seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar. It helps you find common meeting times that work for all attendees, so you can schedule meetings faster and avoid unnecessary email and phone tag.

2. Sessions – David Yoo

Sessions is a browsing history manager that keeps track of open windows and tabs with automatic backups for easy restoration of your browsing sessions. You can make and save a snapshot of the current session at any time.

3. Shortly  – ZZHC Studio

Shortly is a handy URL shortener that you can add to your Safari toolbar. It supports native shorteners from YouTube and Flickr, or you can choose or for shortening.

4. Alexa Traffic Stat – Mac OS X Tips

This extension displays traffic statistics for the current page as determined by Alexa. Information — like page views, bounce rate, and average time on site — appears in the lower-right corner of the web page.

5. Firebug Lite for Safari  – Slice Factory

Firebug is a tool to help you develop and debug HTML, Javascript and CSS. Click on the Firebug Lite for Safari button while you browse, and instantly edit, debug and monitor the web page you are viewing.

Of course there are a few other places where you can grab unique Safari plugins:

Pimp My Safari, Safari Extendr, and SafariExtensions.tumblr

Enjoy your new Safari extensions!

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