Search Engine Rank Decoder Software: Free Download!

I’ve been telling my VIP list about this freebie all week. It’s a good one, so listen up! One of the big search engine (SEO) marketers that I trust and keep a close eye on is Michelle Macphearson. She always creates or is a part of creating software that does incredible stuff – usually based around creating backlinks to your content or optimizing your content.

For a limited time, she is offering folks a free download of her new software: Rank Decoding Engine. It actually REVERSE ENGINEERS the search engines and it works for folks in ANY market. This is a no brainer, so you need to go grab it now, and this is why:

1. She has a Mac and Windows version. (Lovin’ that!)

2. She has a totally easy to understand video on the download page explaining how to use the software.

3. The software really does give you an inside track on what sites are important to the search engines in YOUR niche, so that you know what sites you need to get a backlink on and/or your content on.

So go get your software and enjoy!

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