Should I Bother Joining Twitter?

Q: I run a retail business and am wondering if I should even bother joining Twitter? I see that a lot of businesses online feature Twitter badges on their sites. But I don’t have a lot of time for mindless chattering with people who may not even live near my business.

A: I really like Twitter. Am I a Twitter master? No. The reasons why I like it are that it’s the easiest of all the social media websites. It’s fast. There are a zillion 3rd party tools out there to make the Twitter experience more robust. It’s a great way to build “relationships” with people that may visit your site and your retail business. Finally just getting out there and “tweeting” is a great way to get indexed by the search engines.

I was on a teleseminar call and did a couple of tweets about it while I was on it, and saw my tweets very high in the search results for the people teaching the seminar. That’s me (@girlshrink)

So the great thing about Twitter is that if someone is searching for someone or some topic you are discussing, especially a hot topic, then you will appear in the coveted top spots of Google’s ¬†Twitterstream. So should you bother joining Twitter. The free social media tool that everybody and their mama is on — yes. I guarantee you that you have potential prospects on there waiting to get to know you:)

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