Should I Buy An Info Domain Name?

Q: Should I buy an info domain name to introduce myself and my writing?

A: If you check some of the major domain companies, you will notice that many of them are charging a really inexpensive rate for .info domain names. Some are as low as .99 for the year. The reason for this according to major SEO experts is that several years ago spammers were using .info domains to set up spammy sites that had little to no good content. Because of this, search engines like Google may be paying less attention and attributing little importance to .info sites. So if you set up two sites about the same topic, one with a .com suffix and the other with a .info suffix — you probably will do a lot better in the search engines with a .com domain. That’s why domain companies are practically giving .info domains away. They hold little internet estate value.

If you are interested in setting up a sort of biographical site featuring details about you and your writing, it would be best to set it up on a .com domain name, so that people can find you organically through the search engines.

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