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Sitemeter Vs. Google Analytics

by Lisa Angelettie

in Article Marketing, eBusiness Tools

**I have written an updated article discussing Sitemeter and Google Analytics**

I have been using sitemeter’s free and premium site tracking service for years.

Recently I decided to take a look at Google’s site-tracking script, Google Analytics (Urchin).

While I had no problems with sitemeter, I love my free Gmail so much — I thought it only common sense to at least take a look at what Google had to offer in other areas.

For those of you who don’t know me…I HATED split-testing and tracking my websites. Now, I am like a junky. I can’t wait to see those new stats. Can’t wait to see what marketing tactics are working and which ones aren’t.

Google’s tool had a really cool interface. Much easier to navigate than sitemeter’s — but you know what? Google is still “gathering data” on my site. It says that I installed the code correctly but still…no data. Still – just gathering.

I have never had any installation issues with sitememter’s javascript code. (they also have html code) So I’m sticking with sitemeter.

I’ll give Google one more try, just so I can at least see how it works in comparison with sitemeter…but if I can’t get it to work — then why am I working so hard to try it?

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  • http://www.furyfitness.com/ Nathan

    It says you need to wait 24 hours to see results, but from what I hav seen it updates itself early every morning. I’ve never tried sitemeter, but I love google analytics.

  • http://www.furyfitness.com Nathan

    It says you need to wait 24 hours to see results, but from what I hav seen it updates itself early every morning. I’ve never tried sitemeter, but I love google analytics.

  • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

    I have written an update to this original article after exploring both services a little further…http://lisaangelettieblog.com/sitemeter-vs-google-analytics-part-two/

  • http://www.heathallyn.com/ Heath Allyn

    I'm in the same position. Short story, I'm back to sitemeter. The big reason is that it seems to provide much more information on my visitors and I find the interface more intuitive. Google's is so deep and layerd that I have to click down several levels to see location data and Google doesn't provide nearly the visitor detail of sitemeter, at least that I could find. With Sitemeter it's very easy to get to any info in a click or two including things like IP address (domain level, anyway). I'm a huge Google fan but they just didn't seem to have the same level of visitor details as Sitemeter!

  • lisaangelettie

    Thanks for your input Heath. I've since fallen in love with Google
    Analytics, but they are both great. I'm just glad you are looking at
    your stats, so many people don't:)

  • http://www.heathallyn.com/ Heath Allyn

    I've gone back to GA. I'm determined to learn how to work it!

  • lisaangelettie

    Aah…I think that's a good idea. Just a few more clicks than
    Sitemeter, but you will get a thorough overview of stats for all your
    sites. I love it!

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