Social Marketing: How To AutoTweet

I have a client who is completely resistant to social marketing. The reason why is that he doesn’t have one more iota of time to give to what can be a time-sucking venture – social media and social marketing.

So I spent what seemed like an entire session convincing him that if he was going to at least consider trying one, it should probably be the easiest one to navigate – Twitter. Once I said Twitter, he got himself all in a bunch thinking about how much time he would have to spend on the computer building relationships, making tweets, adding friends and followers. He shut down.

That was until I told him that he didn’t have to stay on the computer all day, in fact all he really had to do was learn how to autotweet and he’d be off playing golf in no time.

Autotweeting is simple.

1. Sing up for an autotweeting account. There are a variety of sites where you can do this, but I use TweetLater to set up my autotweets.

2. Create your tweets for Twitter that you’d like to broadcast. Remember that they should be 140 characters or less. Tweetlater gives you the option of shortening your url link.

3. Set up your tweets to be broadcasted over a span of hours, days, or even longer. I like to set up my autotweets for the prime times of the Twitter day – so I can be busy doing other things like writing articles!

4. Make sure that you have set up some of your autotweets to broadcast your latest articles. It’s okay to tweet about the same article in the same day, because you will be tweeting to different users throughout the day. Just spread out the times. One am – one pm.

5. Pour yourself a glass of iced tea or wine and sit back and watch the traffic pour in all from tweets that you set up days ago!

*6. If you can, have a virtual assistant do all of this for you and really sit back and relax!

Update: I now use Hootsuite to set up my autotweets.

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