Social Media Metrics: Reality Check!

How Are You Doing In Social Media Circles — REALLY?

It’s been an increasingly significant way for search engines like Google to measure the “importance” and “relevance” of your website and your brand. What is it? Your social media reach.

When making a decision about how to rank your content in the search engines, companies like Google are taking in account the reach of your brand in social media circles. These sites may include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, etc.

A question you may want to ask yourself is: Has your blog accumulated Tweets, Facebook Shares, Google +1s or Stumbles? This is a great indicator of how your site has been promoted by you and shared by others. Very important for the long-term success of any website in today’s marketplace.

Hey it’s a tough concept for many of us solo professionals. I mean who has the time to spend on social media when we have businesses to run? But like it or not, the reality is that social media is here to stay and if we “work it” it will work just as hard for us in return.

A great way to check out your social media reach is to go to a site such as:, plug in your site’s url and take a look at how you score.

social mention

Scoring will include factors such as strength (a calculation based on how often you’re mentioned in social media), sentiment (ratio of mentions that are positive to negative), passion is (likelihood that folks talking about your brand will probably continue to do so), and reach is the measure of your range of influence (# of authors divided by mentions).

While this is the not the end all, be all of influence — a look into this site can give you a picture of how you’re doing in social media and what you can do better.

It can also help you identify social media heavyweights in your niche that would be a good idea to connect with. So don’t be scared! Go get your free social media analysis and feel free to share your results:)

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