Steps To Getting Known As The Expert

Steps To Getting Known As The Expert

I am on a quest – and that is to get everyone MORE than their 15 minutes of fame in their respective niches. And the key to getting your moment in the sun and running with it – is to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

I talk about this all the time, in fact I found this really cool list by mentor Suzanne Falter-Barnes which really hits on a lot of great points:

  1. Define your market
  2. Check out your competitors
  3. Define your blue ocean strategy
  4. Create brand/USP (unique selling proposition)
  5. Discover keywords
  6. Set up a professionally designed blog with capture tools
  7. Begin building a list …
  8. Add automated marketing tools
  9. Blog religiously
  10. Make friends in the blogosphere /ONLINE
  11. Have an opinion — stand for something
  12. Add products in a complete funnel
  13. Only then … pitch a book with a professional book proposal

Remember that it’s important to get yourself out there in “BIG” way by taking these small steps everyday. Cheers!


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