Ultimate WordPress Ping List: Free PDF Download

Wordpress Ping ListI always teach my article marketing students that it’s to your ultimate advantage to write and publish some of your best articles to your own website, preferably a WordPress blog. So as you write new blog articles and post them to your WordPress blog, a great way to attract more traffic to those articles is by letting other people know (right away) that you have posted new articles on your blog. This is done very effectively via WordPress through your ping list.

If you have a WordPress blog already, it is currently set up by default to use a service such as ping-o-matic to announce on the web that you have posted new content to your blog – but to really see a significant traffic increase to your website there are quite a few other services that you should use and add to your ping list.

It’s important that your ping list stay fresh AND that you do not ping the same service with duplicate content. That’s why I have compiled an ultimate ping list that should help improve traffic and buzz for your blog. Plus – no opt-in required and it’s free:)


One more thing, remember that implementing your ping list is only part of an overall healthy SEO Article Marketing plan. There are plenty of other tweaks you can make that will make your WordPress blog even more of a traffic magnet. For example, there is a WordPress plugin that I use in conjunction with my Ping list that enhances its usability. These are SEO tweaks that have been crucial to the visibility of my site in a sea of tough competition. Anything you can do to help your content stand out among the rest, is a tweak worth the time and effort.


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