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Website Traffic Building – Interview With MarketingDotCom

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Next month you can find me being interviewed by uber marketer Mike Filsaime in his exclusive MarketingDotCom Print Newsletter (January 2011 Issue). For all of you who are already subscribers, I’m on page 9 discussing what I think will be the traffic trends for 2011. If you’re not a subscriber, you can grab a free issue to try it out over on:*

This is a very big interview for me because Mike’s newsletter is quite popular and is physically in the hands of thousands of people every month, so I’m real excited about it. I just love print newsletters. I’ve always subscribed to them, because I can always refer back to them. Even though I know that the nature of internet marketing is lightening fast – there are still so many points that are tried and true and are still relevant to this day (such as article marketing:)

Website Traffic Building – Trend Alert!

Being interviewed for this article really got me thinking about how I could help my community (meaning you:) this year, because I realize as the web grows by leaps and bounds (and pages and pages:), that it is more important than ever for us to be consistent, diligent, and precise when it comes to traffic generation and building content to attract that traffic.

This is an exciting time in the field of digital content these days. More electronic readers (e-readers) are being developed. More ebook publishers are jumping in the ring (even Google). Trust me when I say that it’s more important than ever to understand that you MUST publish content on the web — especially articles & ebooks to see your business grow. While I love physical books and print newsletters — the truth is — is that the movement of the publishing industry is into epublishing. And that opens up a world of opportunities for writers and marketers and entrepreneurs like us!

2011 is our year to make a website traffic building explosion! Make sure to look for me to talk more about this topic over the next few days and weeks – because it is absolutely essential to your business growth next year.

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  1. says

    Lisa for years now traffic has been difficult for people, and I’m pretty sure it will be the same in 20011, but its up to us to show them the ways of making an unknown site into a popular community.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • says

      So true – but I think that there are a few changes that will make things even easier for folks. Easier than when we started out!
      There was no social media a few years ago – and look how that turned out!


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