What Are Infographics?

Washington D.C. Subway MapAdding an image to your articles makes them more interesting and appealing to the reader, and they also are looked upon favorably in the search engines. Google LOVES multi-media stuff. Especially when it’s relevant and related to your content. That’s why adding images such as infographics gives you the best of both worlds: using an image & having complete relevancy to your content.

So What Is An Infographic?
Well, information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex or a whole lot of information needs to be explained quickly and clearly. For a more detailed explanation, take a look at the definition as defined by Wikipdia.

Sites that use infographics really well are Mint.com and Quicksprout.com. The reason why they use them is because a well done infographic has the potential to go seriously viral on the web. In fact, the owner of Quicksprout said that his infographic on the complexity of the U.S. Tax System sent 20,000 visitors back to his site within two days!

In this infographic example to the left, I used the Washington D.C. Metrorail (subway) map. I remember using this back in college and boy was it helpful, and I also recall when New York City finally starting using these types of maps too and was I ever so grateful! I referred to them ALL the time. Think of infographics in those terms. Very helpful, useful, and colorful images that help explain or make an concept less complicated. Can you say VISUAL LEARNER :)

How Do I Create An Infographic?
The everyday entrepreneur probably doesn’t have the skills to create a nice looking information graphic (although I can only speak for myself:), which is why there are many companies that you can outsource this to. Companies that have a good reputation and track record for creating infographics include: Infographic World and Column Five. You could probably also find a good graphics design person through the freelance sites and contract the work to them.

How Should We Use Infographics?
While it’s true that the two examples I refer to of sites that  use infographics are really “big” players on the web, I believe that us small guys can use them too. I think the key for us is to decide on what issue on a “hot” topic in our marketplace can we explain visually. Something that bloggers will want to link to. A topic that folks will want to share with each other. Digg and Stumbleupon. The potential for exposure and traffic is too big to not give it a try.

Another way to get our feet wet, is to simply use and link to (with permission) to other folks infographics, as long as they are relevant to your article subject. Most creators of these graphics would be more than happy for you to use their images as long as there is appropriate attribution.

Remember infographics are helpful to the reader, they build traffic, and they build high-quality backlinks to your site. I’m thinking of ideas for my first one already!

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