What I Wish For You In 2011

What I Wish For You And Your Writing In 2011 (and me too:)

There are a lot of wrap-up articles around this time of year. Things we did wrong. Things we got kind of right. Things we learned. Things we wished we had time for. Blah. Blah. I’m not really big on those types of articles, because honestly there are so many people writing them, what do you need to read one more from me for? So I decided to take a little different approach with my last article of 2010, and not make it quite one of those articles all about me. No, this year I’m going to briefly talk about what I wish for you (my community of readers here:) for 2011…

1. I wish that you all would commit to writing something useful to your readers AT LEAST once a week. Whether that is writing on your own site, a directory, guest blogging, I don’t care. But if you do not offer something new, fresh, or useful to the web via your name — you are fighting an uphill battle to become recognized, respected, understood, and followed in your niche. I can’t put it any plainer than that.

2. I wish that you all play bigger. This is something that took me a very long to understand and follow through on, mainly because I was afraid of failure. It’s kind of my genetic code that I work consistently on altering everyday:) Take the leap with me and commit to playing bigger in your business and even in the rest of your life. You can be that go-to person, that rock star professional, in your marketplace. You just have to make little decisions everyday that play into a much bigger plan and it will happen. Thinking about attending a high priced seminar this year? Do it. Want to try private coaching with a mentor you’ve had your eye on for a while – try it. It can only elevate your game.

3. I wish that you buy one less infoproduct on list building this year:) Build your list when you drive traffic to your squeeze and landing pages with articles, free reports, etc. Period. Amen.

4. I wish that you get very clear about what it is you do and who your ideal customer or client is. If you need help with that – I am committed to getting you there this year. Without clarity on that, you will be trying this “online thing” for the next 5 years with zero success. I’ll talk about it more next month.

5. Finally, I wish that you have fun this year. One reason I wake up everyday and do something on this site or some of my other sites is because I love it. I love it because I make things fun for myself. I only work in niches that I enjoy. I only concentrate on the things in my business that I love. Anything else – I try to outsource. And I don’t mean paying someone money to teach me how to find a great assistant in the Philippines!

What I mean is asking my 11 year old daughter to make a few edits for me on a blog, or asking a colleague or even folks on my list to proofread something that I’m working on. Don’t dwell on the yucky stuff. Have fun. If you are online trying to make money in a niche that you hate – you will not be a happy camper. If you are sweating the small stuff – you will probably be mean to your computer screen:) Have fun!


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    Lisa – Great post, and less info products if definitely on the list for 2011. I have put together a pretty aggressive plan for 2011 that should also help me to play bigger as you plan to. Keep up the good work and Cheers to an amazing 2011.


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