What Should I Blog About?

It has become the biggest questions that new and intermediate (heck even advanced) bloggers ask themselves: “What the heck should I blog about?”

Many people run out of ideas after they have tackled the bulk of the “usual questions” in their niche. But you know what — while I could sit here and write you a Top 20 list of things to blog about — that’s just fodder for Digg :-) I know a strategy that will work for anyone in any niche without having to scour the web for idea generation tips.

Really – this is all you need to do:

1. Go to your Google search history (or whatever search engine you use to research and troubleshoot) and look at what you’ve searched on for the past day or so.

2. Create a quick list of those searches (appropriate for your market) in your favorite text editing software. I use textedit for mac.

3. Now write a blog post for each of those searches – making sure to use the exact words you used to search for your solution in your post’s title and/or within the post.

Why? Because just how you searched for your solutions — is the same way that other people just like you are going to search for their own answers.

*This works really well if you didn’t find too many results for your search– obviously.

Example: The other day I did a search for a problem I needed help with using a Mac software program called Sandvox. I did the search but didn’t find any immediate answers. I had to go to their support staff. But now I can write a blog post about that exact same problem, offer a solution, so that when others search on the same issue — they will find help and it will come from MY blog instead of Sandvox.

The reason why this is a great example is because the web is not yet saturated with  “answers” on this topic. That was clear by the fact that I couldn’t find an answer already written online. I had to go to support. So I have a great chance of getting traffic for my blog post that answers questions in the niche. You will look for topics like this — but even if there are already some answers for a question you are answering — you still can write your own answer and catch some of the organic traffic while also creating useful content for your community.

What this does for you is simple:

====> Gives you a lot of new topics to write about

====> You write about things that you actually have some direct experience with

====>You are writing useful information on things that people need help with

====>Positions you as an expert on the questions you are answering

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  1. Ray from Tn. says

    Hey Lisa,
    Great blog ideas. But what advice can you give for someone like myself who has alot to talk about and has a different perspective on many subjects? I would love to get my voice out there. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Ray,
      blogging really works when you are specialized or are niche focused
      although there are some general blogs that do well as long as your
      point of view is very distinctive ( which is code for controversial:)
      At the end of the day, you just need to figure out how you will
      monetize your blog and then if you have a sound solution for that –
      just write what you’re passionate about. If that’s a lot of stuff just
      figure out a way to interweave them.

  2. Jaz says

    Hi Lisa,

    I have been searching for two weeks, just to find one answer to something I was looking for. So I thank you so much for this brilliant idea.
    I appreciate you….

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