Have You Written A Testimonial Today?

I wrote a testimonial today for a marketing product which I bought and absolutely loved. Now while it would be nice to write here that I wrote the testimonial strictly because I was “moved to” — that wouldn’t be the entire truth :-)

The entire truth is that when you write a testimonial, chances are that it, along with your URL address, and a photo of yourself will appear front and center on that product’s sales page. That is free exposure and typically free traffic back to your site. Buyers typically want to visit the sites of people who have bought what they are thinking about buying. I know that I absolutely do it!

And it has been working for my business as well. I immediately saw an increase in opt-ins after my testimonial was posted on a popular internet marketing website. I love when free traffic drops by!

So my point here is — have you written a testimonial for the last product or service you purchased today? If not, go do it. It’s a total win-win for everyone, and your business will love you for it.

*Why not get started today by writing a testimonial if you’ve enjoyed or learned anything from my sites or products. I’d love to hear from you:)

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