3 Reasons Why I Write

3 Reasons Why I Write

Why Do You Do What You Do?

If you’ve ever had a career change or career evolution, I’m sure you’ve experienced the pangs of self-doubt. It’s common practice to question yourself after you’ve made a BIG move. This happened to me when I decided to step back from traditional psychotherapy and focus on entrepreneurial writing.

Many of my peers or family members who liked saying that I was a psychotherapist wanted answers. They wanted to know why I rather write then do therapy. So here it goes — these are the reasons…

It’s What I Like To Do (Even When No One Is Paying Me)

I have always been a writer. I kept quite detailed journals since about 7 years old. I earned a degree in journalism and worked in that field for several years before going back to school to get my masters. I have always enjoyed writing and sometimes writing is the only way I can accurately express myself. I fall back and lean on writing all the time.

And more importantly, although I am paid well to help others write effectively, I write even when there’s no one paying. Even when there’s no one looking. And that’s really the whole “Oprah” idea I’m trying to get across.

Hopefully your business is something that you would do for free. For nada. Which means ultimately that when you do make money, it will be even sweeter.

Writing On The Web Packs A Powerful Punch

Digital writing a.k.a. ePublishing packs a powerful punch for entrepreneurs. Personally, I think that writing on the web is one of the most strategic ways to build credibility, generate traffic, and make passive income. There aren’t many marketing strategies that you can do and gain that type of traction from them – for little to zero cost at that!

Every entrepreneur and every service professional should have some sort of web presence that is primarily “content based”: articles, blog, ebooks, short reports, e-courses, teleseminars, etc. If you are not establishing yourself, your brand, and your marketing message on the web with content, then you better already be a celebrity, because no one is going to notice among the thousands of other competitors in your niche.

People Kept Asking Me For My Help

Sometimes you just have to look at not necessarily what you think you should be doing, but what people are asking from you. People have continuously asked me for help with writing and tech work — and they probably do because I have put out in the world that I am always willing to help.

I soon realized that I’m always willing to help (back to reason 1) because it’s not really work for me. It’s interesting and fun. And while I am “good” at a lot of different things like every other person, there is a way that I am able to explain a tech issue or pull a good story for an ebook out of some one that is unique to me, and that which many people are drawn too. So why fight the power?

So my advice to those who haven’t quite figured out their life’s work: pay attention to what advice people in your circle ask you for. What do they want from you? What do they refer you to others for? If there is a way you can make money at it — then I suggest you go for it! I did and haven’t looked back since.

Have you found your entrepreneurial passion yet? If so, what are the reasons why you do it? Do you have any other inspirational or common sense tips to pass onto others? Share them here. You could inspire someone today:)


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