Ali Brown Is Taking Ezine Manual Off The Market

Boost Business with your Own Ezine

Million dollar marketing coach and one of my “favorite” mentors is retiring her first information product, Boost Business With Your Own Ezine. I’m not sure, but I think this may be the first REAL information product that I bought years ago — and it was well worth it.

Based on my research, Ali was the only person teaching how to create an electronic newsletter that not only educated subscribers but that sold to them as well. It’s so funny that years later I see so many of my peers (as well as myself) using the same formula for success in their newsletters that she has been teaching for years.

As some of you know, Ali is expanding and redefining her brand (check out her new site), and is probably going to fold the information detailed in this tutorial into a bigger (more expensive:) product. So if you have been playing around with the idea of starting your ezine or you haven’t seen any tangible results from your newsletter such as clicks to your site, sales of your products, or affiliate income  — then I strongly urge you to buy Boost Business With Your Own Ezine as soon as the sales starts tomorrow (August 20th – 11am Eastern).

Listen Up!

1. This tutorial is a printed manual, so there are only 212 copies left.

2. The retail price is $497 and it is a 50% off sale. You will only pay $248.50!

3. The remaining tutorials go on sale on August 20th, 11am Eastern.

4. Click this link NOW to buy this amazing tutorial at this price: Ali Brown Ezine Tutorial Sale

* Check me out – I’m the last testimonial right before the guarantee and order details.

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