Article Ideas: Valentine’s Day Article Ideas

Valentines day article ideasThis is a great time to write all about LOVE, and I promise you that you can tie in love, relationships, marriage, dating, attraction, lust, sex, weddings, or something close to it to your niche. No matter what you sell.

Also, if you are an affiliate marketer then this is a great niche for you. You can easily monetize your content with a variety of  affiliate products. So take the time to get a nice traffic surge to your articles and site(s) this month and write a few valentine’s articles. Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... Dominate

1. Write an article on the history of marriage.

2. Write an article on what modern marriage looks like in different countries. *Oprah covered this topic recently.

3. Write a Valentine’s article on instant attraction. How to know when the other person feels the same.

4. Write an article about love and dating someone with pets (that you hate!)

5. Write an article about how career and love can be hard to mix OR how you can find true love at work

6. Write about all these hilarious love-themed reality shows like The Bachelor or For The Love Of Ray J

7. Write about the economics of Valentine’s Day. How much money is spent annually on this holiday?

8. Write about the origins of Valentine’s Day to support or challenge the theory that it is a “Hallmark Holiday”.

9. Write top ten lists articles such as the top 10 romantic getaways, top 10 romantic songs, top 10 romantic movies, etc.

10. Write an article on your favorite couple in history.

Monetize Your Valentine’s Day Articles
Also, if you are publishing these articles on your own blog, site, or in a directory that permits affiliate links, make sure you that you monetize your articles. Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for affiliates. Want to start with the easiest and highest-converting affiliate programs?

Check out Amazon. They recently sent out an email asking me to show my Kindle some love featuring red Kindle covers, lights, and other red (Valentine) themed accessories for my Kindle.

Check out if you want to feature digital content in your articles such as Get Your Ex BackThe Women Men Adore And Never Want To Leave, or 500 Lovemaking Tips And Secrets.

*Hot Tip – While it’s not too late to see some sales now, remember that you can create a Valentine’s Day or Love-Themed related WordPress blog and continually add monetized content to it so that by next year you will see a definite increase in revenue .

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