April Article Ideas

April Article Ideas & April Article Suggestions

april article ideas

Autism Awareness
This is a great time to write first-person stories about your family’s journey & autism. It’s also always a good idea to write basic autism articles, as there are many people who still aren’t sure what autism is and the wide range of disorders on the autism spectrum.

International Guitar Month
I love the sound of an acoustic guitar! This month is the time to celebrate that wonderful instrument. How-To Play articles, History of Guitar articles, Guitars From Around The World are great topics to cover. This is also a great topic for affiliate marketers.

Keep America Beautiful Month
Hopefully they are celebrating this one in your child’s school, but probably not:) So this is a good opportunity to write articles that give families ideas on how one person at a time can keep our country trash and pollution free.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month
This is a very important topic and one that a lot of mental health professionals, social workers, and people who have experience with this topic can write about.

National Frog Month
I don’t know much about frogs but I’m sure there are a lot of frog fans out there. Affiliate marketers can also capitalize on frog collector items, mementos, etc.

National Garden Month
This is a favorite one of mine! I love gardening and plenty of people are preparing their gardens right now for the summer. You could write literally hundreds of gardening tip articles on annual and perennial flowers as well as vegetables.

National Humor Month
The local and national news is depressing — I rather laugh. This is a great time to write funny pieces, promote your stand-up comedy act, or write comedy movie reviews.

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Exposure for this disease is starting to grow since celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali have it — but it’s still a pretty wide-open topic to cover on the web. Awareness should be the goal for most articles.

National Volunteer Month
I always think about volunteering and I am always looking for opportunities for my children to get involved. Writing articles on volunteer opportunities (especially locally) would be a great idea. There are also a few books out there on volunteering for affiliate income opportunities.

National Mathematics Education Month
My children always do a math-a-thon fundraiser at school in April and it really does what articles around this time can do — and that’s raise an interest and awareness in mathematics for ourselves and our children.

National Poetry Month
Write a poem. Enter a poem contest. Write about great poets or unsung poets.

Stress Awareness Month
Great opportunity here to write about various stress relieving exercises, activities, tools, etc. You could also write about the effects of stress on mind & body. Stress is a great affiliate article marketing topic. There are digital guides as well as plenty of stress relieving products, books, and music to promote.

Week Long Topics
If you’re going to write a week-only topic for April,  you need to make sure that you’ve written and published several articles at least 2 weeks before the launch week. This ensures that the search engines see them and rank them. You will also include an article or two the week of and link them to the older articles. Week long topics you could write about for April include:

April 1st
April Fool’s Day
One Cent Day

April 2nd
Hans Christian Anderson’s Birthday
International Children’s Book Day

April 3rd
Find-A-Rainbow Day

April 5th
National Read a Road Map Day

April 7th
No Housework Day
World Health Day

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  1. says

    Hi Lisa I just wanted to let you know that thanks to this post I now have my Business Manager looking for a local charity that we can get involved with to aid children that have been abused. Once we have the charity and everything set up I’ll try to get back here and give you an update, thank you for the inspiration.

  2. says

    Hey Lisa, a few days ago I came through and read this post. I also rt’d on Twitter it and mentioned how your post motivated me to do something different in April… maybe something special. At least I know that myself as well as my team sure does.

    On April 16, 2011 my chain of indoor tanning salons, Extreme Tan and Smoothies here in sunny Florida will kick off our first ever “Luv-a-Child” event. The entire concept behind it came from reading your post and seeing that April is “National Child Abuse Prevention” month. We will be collecting donations and offering free tanning and products in return, all proceeds are going to a local charity that helps children that have been abused.

    In addition to the above we are doing some really cool things on my company blog as well as my personal blog to prevent child abuse.

    I just wanted to come by and say thank you again.

    • says

      Wow John that’s fantastic! Hopefully your story will inspire or at least begin a conversation about how we can all take steps (big or small) to make a difference in our communities. I think a lot of people want to make a difference, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how to get started. Your idea is something that can be tweaked and tailored to work in most any niche. Bravo!

  3. Glory says

    This is the first time that I visited your site, and think it is a wealth of knowledge.
    Thanks Lisa for so many great ideas!!


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