How To Make Money With Your Camera On The Internet

If you’ve read much on blogging and internet marketing, you will no doubt have heard from many of the experts that it is more important than ever to start including photos in your blog articles, specifically for SEO purposes.

When you include a photo in your articles, you have the option of optimizing that photo with keywords that can help draw more organic traffic to your articles. PLUS in such a multi-media saturated world, is it not surprising that most people reading your article would love to see something as well as read it. I know that if magazine articles didn’t have photos, I would simply check out.

That’s why it is one of my goals this year to work on adding more visuals to my articles and infoproducts which I get from a lot of stock photo companies online. The fantastic thing that I discovered is that it’s just not professional photographers submitting photos to these companies. It’s everyday folks like you and me as well. In fact, if you have your own digital camera and an internet connection — you can make money selling your photos to the many stock photo companies online. Think about all the great pics you’ve taken at the beach or even in your backyard! Why not get paid for it?

If it sounds like a no-brainer to you, grab the free report that I just downloaded the other night all about it and see if it will work as an additional income stream for you.

Download Free Report: Turn Your Photos Into Cash

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