How To Write Article Titles That Get Traffic -Pt. 3

This is the third part of a series on writing article titles. In Part 1, I discussed who to write your article titles for and in Part 2 I discussed keyword research. In this part, I want to discuss writing titles that appeal to your niche.

While there is much attention given to the technical details of writing article titles such as proper keyword placement and keyword repetition, there is a major detail of title writing that many people seem to forget and that’s making sure that you are writing titles that will appeal and capture the attention of your audience and potential customers and clients.

When I write article titles, I make sure that I write titles that will appeal to my ideal client. People who invest in my information or my coaching, should know exactly what they are getting from me, and that’s what I try to convey in my articles.

For instance, is there any doubt that in this article series I am explaining how to write article titles that will attract traffic to your site? I don’t think so. You know what it’s about, and if you are interested in getting traffic AND writing better titles as a way to getting that traffic, then you will read my articles. There is no guessing about what this is. You’re either on board or you aren’t – and that’s important.

There is no room in article marketing to be “cute”. You’ve got a few seconds to make a first impression, if you’ve even got that long. Appeal to the readers in your niche by writing titles that pull them in with exactly what HOW they will benefit from reading your article.

People know that when they read this article, the benefit will be that they will get more traffic. Period. Take a look at the last article you wrote? Is the BENEFIT of that article clearly stated in your article title? If not, you need to revisit your title. Remember that most folks are completely drawn to information that has something in it for them.

So don’t try to be clever or witty with your titles. That’s for English class. And don’t try to be too cryptic with your titles, wanting to create “mystery” around your articles. That will only encourage people to look somewhere else for their information. No, the key is to draw readers in with benefit loaded titles, and to double check that you are doing this with your titles, just use this quickie checklist…

1. What is your article essentially about? When a reader finishes reading it, what should they have learned? What problem should they be able to solve?

2. Now knowing this, what are the 3 key benefits that a reader will receive from the information in your article? (Three is great, but if you only have two or one, that’s fine too)

3. Take the top 1 or 2 key benefits and weave them into your article title. Using “How To” at the beginning of your title is always an easy way to make this grammatically work.

4. Check to see that your keyword(s) or keyword phrase is in the title.

5. Make sure that the entire title makes sense and is grammatically correct.

6. If you can, try to shorten your title but still making sure that it makes sense. The shorter the better. Longer article titles can dilute the search engine juice of your keyword phrases.

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  1. Jennie Steve says

    Yes, for this we have to choose a right keyword, because keyword is main thing which highlights the whole articles. The user can easily understands about the whole article.

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