Is Your Business Ready For Fame?

There is a foundation which I donated some money to “Yele Haiti” for aide to the people in Haiti. They were one of the first organizations to mobilize and send through social media directions on how we could donate via text. So my hubby and I did. Not to mention that the founder of the organization, singer Wyclef Jean, has been a well-known public supporter of the people in Haiti  — as well as being from there. Okay so it was a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, his wonderful organization fell under a bit of scrutiny in regards to how much money the foundation was spending on administration costs, and the findings were made public by a watchdog website (The Smoking Gun). While I of course want to make sure that my donation is being used for who it was intended for, I also understand that the people and organizations doing the work have to live as well. There are going to be expenses, etc. I recognize that, yet I also appreciate the groups that keep an eye on this type of thing for the public, but…

The organization is only under scrutiny at this time because it is a major organization accepting donations for the people in Haiti. A country that suffered a tremendous amount of loss and destruction due to an earthquake. This event could not have been anticipated nor planned for. And isn’t that typically the way fame comes when opportunity arises? Unplanned. Random. Sudden.

So the key lesson for Wyclef and all other business owners (whether for profit or non-profit) is that our businesses should be “fame-ready”.

Do a check on all things in your business. I am doing the same.

1. Do you have a media section or at least a bio ready for the press?

2. Have you filed your taxes appropriately for every year you have been in business?

3. If you were an outsider looking at your business, would you trust it? Do you deserve that trust?

4. Is your website crystal clear about what your mission is, what you do, what products and services you offer, and what promises you make?

Honestly, I have a lot to work to do. But it’s worth it. Whatever the reason your business may fall under the fame spotlight one day, you want it present you in a great light. You want to be ready when fame comes knocking, because you rarely get a second chance.

Do you want to be famous or infamous?


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