September Article Ideas

September Article Ideas

September 11

September Article Ideas

With the kids back at school or college, it’s time to kick your writing up a notch. Let’s crank out some great articles for September. Here are some article ideas to get your juices flowing…

September 11th

Write about the survivors of September 11th. What are they doing now? Have their lives changed in a significant way. For better. For worse. Write about the current political controversies surrounding the continued rebuilding of the area. Write about how this event affected people outside of New York, how it changed the way we view our “safety” as a nation.

Baby Safety Month Article Ideas

Write about topics such as high chairs, car seats, booster seats, toys, national recalls, fast food meal toy safety, dangerous things in the home, cleaning supplies, safety gates, SIDS, etc.

Better Breakfast Month Article Ideas

Write about the importance of a breakfast. Include statistics on school or work performance with and without eating breakfast. Also include menus and suggestions for breakfasts that are healthier, that taste better, and that are quick to make.

Cable TV Month Article Ideas

Write a piece on the history of Cable TV. Life with and without it. The cost of Cable television. You could write about lack of real competition for cable tv dollars.

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month Article Ideas

My cousin was just diagnosed with some sort of fungus of the cornea. Both eyes. He wears contacts and if it isn’t addressed right away he could lose the sight of one of his eyes. We only have two! So you could write about children getting exams outside of school, safety when playing sports, possible eye diseases etc.

Classical Music Month Article Ideas

It’s important that we share the joy of classical music with the younger generations. Write about great composers, etc.

Library Card Sign-Up Month Article Ideas

If you write a few articles about the economy and tie it in with “escape reading” THEN add how can spend zero dollars for this by signing up at your local library – you’ll have a great article there!

National Chicken Month

Chicken recipes. Need I say more. Who doesn’t eat chicken?

National Courtesy Month Article Ideas

Let’s be a little nicer to each other. That’s what I told my daughter just today when we were shopping in Whole Foods. On the other hand, one of my other kids went on a playdate and the mother returned saying that she was well-mannered and a joy to be around. There’s something to be said about being courteous. Being kind. Being helpful and thankful. Write about it this month.

National Honey Month Article Ideas

Allergies are about to kick in strongly again. I take a spoonful of local honey to help build my immune system. Health benefits of honey! Types of honey. How honey is harvested from bees.

National Pediculosis Prevention Month Article Ideas

First of all, write an article defining what Pediculosis is. (Lice Infestation). This is the time of year that lice infestation kicks up – so write about traditional and alternative treatments. Write articles that debunk myths (only dirty people get lice), etc. Or simply write about what lice are, what they do, and why they do it to us!

National Piano Month Article Ideas

I’m about to rent a piano for my daughter to practice her lessons. The electronic keyboard doesn’t have all the keys. I sold my baby grand when we moved here. Big mistake! Pianos are pieces of art. Make sure to include lots of pics with your piano articles: making of piano, history of piano, types of pianos, etc. Famous people who play the piano: Elton John, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder

National Rice Month Article Ideas

Types of rices. Countries popular for rice crops. Rice recipes.

National School Success Month Article Ideas

This is a great time of year to write about schools who have “figured it out” and have amazing success stories. Innovative charter school stories. Everyday student stories. Articles in this niche that always do well are “Top Schools” in whatever city.

National Sewing Month Article Ideas

My daughter signed up for a two hour sewing class this month. The classes were not full which was fine by me, BUT it let’s me know that sewing is an art and a craft that has lost it’s popular appeal. It may soon be a lost art to the common man.

So it’s a great time to talk about sewing. Compare and contrast sewing in the home of yesteryear to how often we sew today — or rather who sews are garments today.

You could also write light stories about sewing the latest fashions. Sewing tips. Sewing for children. How to buy a sewing machine.

Read-A-New-Book Month Article Ideas

Sometimes my kids just don’t know what book to read next. This is a great topic to feature new authors, local authors, the hottest books on the shelves, etc. Talk about libraries and how it is so cost-efficient to borrow a book than buy one from the big local chains. Write about book groups and clubs. Write about how children are swapping books for fun.

Women of Achievement Month Article Ideas

Pick a woman you admire – write about her. Pick a woman in your community who is actually out there doing something – write about her. Pick a woman from the past who was an unsung hero for whatever reason – write about her. Write about the most powerful women in the media, entertainment, politics, etc.

Have any other September article ideas for your fellow writers? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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