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I’ve just recently started using a really new and cool Twitter tool. I know there are dozens of ’em coming out lately but I really like this one because you can do everything Twitter related from this such as Twitter search, scheduled tweets, follower and list organization, PLUS instead of every tweet having a link to the tool you used to tweet with such as “3 minutes ago from Hootsuite” or “10 seconds ago from web”, your tweets will include your website name and a live link back to your site!

Now that’s real Twitter branding. Okay to answer you next obvious question, it’s not free, but it doesn’t cost a fortune either. For a limited-time, (and I think they really mean it because everyone in business online is going to probably start using this tool), MarketMeTweet costs only $39.99. Hey, I was glad to fork over the $40 bucks for the opportunity to brand my different niches, with separate Twitter accounts, live links, and a whole lot of flexibility.

It’s also allowing me to fix the Twitter mess I find myself in – and that’s following a lot of people who aren’t necessarily good for me or my business. The point of Twitter is to build relationships with folks who may later on down the road have an interest in my products or services. Not to have a whole bunch of folks in your Twitter timeline who are just cluttering it up. Its really exhausting and frankly annoying.

So if you are ready to step up your Twitter marketing, then I highly recommend that you take a look at MarketMeTweet — compare features etc. with the free tool you may be using and see if its a worthwhile investment for you and your business. I decided – absolutely! See you on Twitter: @girlshrink :)


  1. says

    Hi there,

    We've just launched our first beta version of TweetingMachine, and we offer a free version, limited only in that you can only use 1 Twitter account with it. Please let me know if this is something you'd like to share with your readers. If you'd like to have a full version to try out (no expectations , if you like it great, if not, well, hopefully we can improve ;-)) please let me know.


  2. lisaangelettie says

    Hi Tom,
    I took a look at your site and see that it functions much like Hootsuite, etc. What I don't see is the cool branding feature that MarketMeTweet offers (where you can add the live link to your site). Do you offer that in your paid version?
    Much Success To You!

  3. tweetingmachine says

    Hi Lisa,

    The branding feature is possible in principle, and is something that I've considered developing for the paying customers. To be perfectly honest, however, the technical setup involved for each client is something that I think might be an issue for some clients. Do you think I'm right in being concerned?

    To be honest, I've been half tempted to set it up as a paid option, with the proviso that a member of TweetingMachine staff will do the setup within 24 hours of initial signup. Being someone in the market for tools like this, is this something that would be attractive to you?

    Many thanks,

  4. lisaangelettie says

    Hi Tom,
    The company did create simple, detailed videos to walk you through setting up the branding – BUT since I've written this post there has been a problem with the api that I set up per their instructions. So you may be onto something – and I'm pretty technically savvy.

    So yes – I would pay for this feature AND I would gladly pay extra for someone to set it up properly. I'll let you know how this all pans out.

    Best To You,

  5. tweetingmachine says

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your input here, I'm going to take another look at the branding feature and see if it's something we can integrate nicely. If we get to this stage, I'll be sure to get in touch :-)

    All the best, and I hope your problem resolves itself in the meantime,

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