Attraction Marketing

What Is Attraction Marketing?


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Does It Work For Coaches & Consultants?

Attraction Marketing is the practice of drawing potential clients to your offers by showing them what your product or service is and how it will benefit them BEFORE they purchase it. The key to effective attraction marketing is to make the information and list of benefits so appealing that the client can easily make the decision to invest in you. Another name for attraction marketing is reverse marketing, but “attraction marketing” really gives a more accurate portrayal of the marketing process that happens.

While many industries practice attraction marketing, for us coaches and consultants, it works really well. For example, if you want to implement the use of attraction marketing in your business right away, a good way to do so would be in how you market your ezine or email newsletter.

One of the biggest challenges for solopreneurs is the consistent effort of building a list. Asking folks to simply subscribe because you have a few smart things to say is so 10 years ago! Your potential clients want to know what you teach, why you teach it, how they will benefit from it, and what results they may see.

Once you tell a prospect who you are and how they will benefit from having a relationship with you — I guarantee your conversion rate will be higher this month. You can see an attraction marketing type of newsletter optin page here ==>Newsletter Example

The real point is this. Think about how hard you have to work if you pursue clients in a direct way such as cold-calling, marketing mailings, etc. Now picture yourself doing 2/3 less of that work because you are organically attracting clients who are dying to work with you to your optin page and they are joining your list! Working with clients who have sought you out is a much different experience than being unnaturally aggressive towards client attraction.

So from this moment on, think about your marketing in terms of the number of “benefits” that your prospective clients will receive when working with you. Put those benefits front and center of your articles, web copy, social media — and when you do — you will emerge the leader in your marketplace!

Should I break that down a little more simpler?

1. Think about your work with clients to yourself.

2. What unique brilliance do you bring in your work with them?

3. Flesh that brilliance out into readable bullet points for blog articles, directory submissions, squeeze pages, and anything else you can think of that will make them drawn to you.

That is attraction marketing in it’s finest form!



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