Working At Home: Is This The Best Time To Start A Business?

As there have been recent reported signs in the news that the economy is beginning to take a turn upwards, there is still projected job loss ahead as a result of the trickle down effect of the state of the economy. So if you are in a position of limbo, or you feel stuck, and just don’t know what to do to move forward economically — think about this…

Even as the economy improves, job loss will still continue, so many of us have to make a decision. Should you still go knocking on doors trying to find a job in a shrinking economic market, or should you create a job or rather a lifestyle for yourself by working at home as an entrepreneur?

Well, it may be a little scary to consider. No health benefits. No job security (whatever that is:);  but both my husband and I have successfully been entrepreneurs for well about 15 years and we’re still standing. It has been a rollercoaster ride at times, but trust me when I say that people are still making money in tough times.

People want to escape, so they listen to music, go to the movies, read a book, etc. People need to make more money, so they are looking to invest in anything that can teach them how to make more money or for education in a more lucrative job market. Folks still need to buy clothes for growing children and food for their pets. Since more people are staying at home, people are investing in their homes. More decorating and less traveling.

If you work at home and you run a service based business, all you need to do in these times is get a little more creative with your marketing. People still need and will pay for therapy, coaching, medical appointments, education, etc., but you just may need to be a little more cost efficient on how you reach them. That’s why I love new clients to test their niche with article marketing. It’s an easy and cost-free way to make sure that the market you want to service exists and is willing to pay for your services.

1. Write 5 articles on different hot spots in your niche.

2. Publish those articles in a high-traffic 3rd party site, such as a directory like

3. Take a look at your traffic stats for those articles. (Ezinearticles provides that info free for authors).

– Has anyone forwarded your articles?

– Has anyone republished your articles?

– How may article views to you have?

– Has anyone commented on those articles?

Give yourself at least 30 days to publish and take a look at your stats. You can do this with several niches simultaneously if you want as well.

So is this best time to start a business and becoming a thriving entrepreneur? You bet! Remember that Bill Gates started Microsoft in the middle of a recession, and so can you!


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