Article Marketing SEO: Welcome To Better Google Rankings

The Article Marketing SEO Series
Introduction – Welcome To Better Google Search Engine Rankings!

Many article marketers and entrepreneurs have often complained to me that they are not seeing any real results with their article marketing. They’re stuck! They know the basics — but they just want to know how they can see their articles in those TOP tier positions (first page) on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  I believe the reason why people are stuck, is because they haven’t quite got the hang of good Article Marketing SEO. Do you?

So I thought that I owed you guys not just one brief article on article marketing seo, but an article series, discussing in-depth what you need to do in order to see results that matter – better search engine rankings – deconstructed!  Please note that for the rest of this article series I may use the terms “search engines” and “Google” interchangeably.

So What Is Article Marketing SEO?
Article marketing search engine optimization (seo) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your site from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results using articles.

Why Use It?
I have been writing articles online for a good many years, and I have written ones without any regard to SEO and I have written well-optimized articles. Simply said, I received way more traffic when I wrote well-optimized articles by using good article marketing SEO. It is truly the difference between only a trickle to a huge gusher of traffic to your site(s).

Is It Difficult To Do?
No. It is not hard to understand good article marketing SEO practices. It’s just that there is so much information out there, people aren’t really sure how to put it all together to make it work. That’s what this series is going to be all about.

*The Next Article In The Series: Get The Name Right!

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