Problogger 7 Links Challenge

One of my favorite websites is Darren Rowse’s Probloger, and on it he has issued a challenge (#7Links) to folks who blog. In the post, we have to include links to 7 different blog articles that meet a particular criteria. The idea for it is that it’s fun to do, it allows us to link to other articles on our sites and keep people reading, and we also link to other folks who we like which is nice for them and good article marketing seo for us too.

If you own a blog and have written a few articles or more on it, I invite you to take the challenge as well. Well here are my answers…

Your first post:

This is a great exercise in reflection because I just noticed by writing this article that this month celebrates this blog’s 3rd year anniversary! Wow time flies. This first post I made was one I wrote after first starting out on instead of my own self-hosted blog. It was a mistake because there are just too many restrictions on when running a commercial site. So I switched to Blogger, which was fine for a while, until it wasn’t:)

A post you enjoyed writing the most:

As my site has grown and my writing on it has evolved, I have really enjoyed writing about article marketing seo. Probably because I think it is SO important. I pick a keyword I want to rank for in my niche, I write articles to target those keywords, and I usually always rank in the Top 10 results for them. So this was the first post in a series that I wrote about how to write better, search engine optimized, articles. I could really continue on with this series. I think I’ll get back to it this week:)

A post which had a great discussion:

Sometimes it’s the articles you don’t over-think that get a lot of response with readers. Folks really wanted to know when was an optimal time to post to Twitter. While people commented on my blog, there was a continued conversation about it over on Twitter as well.

A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written:

There were many articles that could have fallen under this criteria, but I picked this one by Marlon Sanders because of it’s transparency. The fact that someone I pretty much know is doing well online after all these years, talked about what worked for him in the previous year and what didn’t, gave me more advice and direction than what I’ve paid some coaches in the past. I’m working to do that for my community. Be more helpful and transparent.

Your most helpful post:

Based on my Google Analytics and my readers comments, many people like my mini grammar lessons. I can’t remember if this was the first one I wrote, but it is my most popular to date and one of the highest visited articles on my site.

A post with a title that you are proud of: Writing Articles: How To Write A Killer Opinion Article

I write ALL of my article titles with a combination of user readability + good keyword usage, and I think this title is a good combination of both. So having said that I was really happy with the results that this title gave me. I was able to tap into a writing market on the web which I normally do not access easily.

A post that you wish more people had read:

I’m a  coach and also worked as a psychotherapist. I know first hand the power of article marketing for this demographic. I wish a lot more coaches or coaching trainees had read this article.

*If you take the challenge, please post the link to your results in the comment section below so we can all take a look:)

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