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Among the dozens of questions that I get on article marketing, seo, and ePublishing — I get occasional personal questions too. I guess some folks are like: “Who is this chick?” LOL!  So I thought, what the heck, why don’t I take a few of those questions and finally answer them in a post (I try to answer all of my emails too:). Also, I thought maybe another great thing would be for you guys to do the same thing, and answer the questions as well in the comment section. Oh come on – it’ll be fun! Don’t leave me hanging:)

Question 1 – What Time Do You Get Up In The Morning?

I wake up at 6:45am every weekday and about 7ish on the weekends. I wake up at this God-awful time because I have three girls who have to eat and get their hair combed before school:) Plus, I have to take my new puppies out for a morning pee (Coco and Coffee).

Question 2 – How Many Cities/States/Countries Have You Lived In?

I’ve lived only in the U.S. in: Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (birthplace) & Elkins Park, Washington D.C., Maryland, New York & New Jersey. “East Coast!!”

Question 3 – What Is The Best Thing You’ve Done So Far In Your Life?

Well, the right answer would probably be having my kids – but honestly the best thing I did was creating a life that allowed me to be home with my kids. I feel so much more connected to them and their lives than me and my mom ever did. I attribute some of that to the fact that I spend a great deal more time with my kids than my mother could with me.

Question 4 – What Is The Scariest Thing That You’ve Done So Far In Your Life?

I was absolutely petrified of having a baby naturally. When I pushed my oldest daughter out, I felt like I had officially “grown up”!

Question 5 – Do You Own A Pet?

I am a dog person. Although I grew up loving my godmother’s cats too. Dogs I’ve owned included Buttercup (Minature Poodle), Pepperz (Chow & Labrador Mix), Simba (Standard Poodle), and now Coffee and Coco (Australian Labradoodles). I can tell already which of my kids will own a pet because they must, who will never have one, and who will get one if their kids bug them enough:)

Question 6 – What Was Your First Job Ever? And What Was Your First Job In Your Field?

My first job ever was in high school as a sales girl at a clothing store called “City Blue” in Philadelphia. We worked on commission so only the prettiest and most assertive girls did well. Let’s just say, that wasn’t my calling:) I also worked as a cashier in a drugstore, a camp counselor, and as an assistant for the government.

While getting my BA in journalism, my first job in my field was as a kids advice column writer for Gannet News. Gannet owns USA Today as well as hundreds of local papers around the country. At that time, I obviously did not have my masters degree yet, so I would write the column based on my own opinion and a psychiatrist would review my answers to make sure I wasn’t going to get the paper sued! I loved that gig and it really was the one that inspired me to combine my love for writing along with my work in psychotherapy and start GirlShrink & AskGirlShrink.

Question 7 – Favorite TV, Music or Books?

Ugh, that’s a hard one! I typically like anything romantic for TV and movies. Or anything about spies or agents. I love all types of music including classic rock (Led Zeppelin!), club music, reggae, R&B, pop, salsa, and hip-hop. As far as books, I go through phases. I’ve been reading supernatural books for about 5 years. And of course I am always reading – writing, publishing and internet marketing info. I invest quite a bit in my own continued education.

Last Question – What’s Your Tip For Getting More Done?

I do not get enough sleep according to Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger:), because I like to work at night. Late night. But that’s not really how I get “more” done. I think the key to that, for me anyway, is to let go of the idea that I have to get everything done on my to-do list.

I create these massive “to-do” lists all the time. Really it’s simply a long-running, never-ending to-do list — but I do not create them to finish in one day. I am simply sorting and prioritizing things. I pick the top 5 things I need to do for that day and I do them, cross the off the list, and select the next 5 for the following day (or week) depending on the length of the to-do item.

Okay – I’m done. Now you’re it!!!


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