Hate Writing Articles?

I want to know if this is you…
Do you hate writing articles? Does writing make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you rarely know how to get your thoughts organized enough so that they are written and understandable? Do you cringe at the very idea of keywords and titles?

Do you hate writing articles so much that you just don’t do it, therefore missing out on goo gobs of traffic?! Yikes!

If this is you, then you are virtually leaving money on the table when there is such an easy “fix” for this.

For example, I don’t like cooking very much, but I do it because I have 3 small children and a husband. Our family would not run as efficiently and happily if they were not given “fuel” on a regular basis in our home:-) And not just any fuel like fast food, but high quality fuel such as home cooked meals.

The same goes for writing articles of your own. If you run an online business, you may not enjoy or rather you hate writing articles, but trust me when I say that when you do it – you truly start to see the benefits: more traffic, better list building, more visibility, more sales.

Now who wouldn’t want all of that at ZERO cost? I think anyone would jump at that chance.

I believe that part of the reason why you may hate writing articles, is that you always found it a bit difficult to get started and then keep up a consistent writing schedule. Perhaps some of you have no idea what to write about, or question whether what you are writing is even worth reading?

Don’t Give Up!

All major marketers on the web who are making money at it have used article marketing and I would bet $100 bucks are still using it. This I know for a fact. Think about it – how did you find the last information product you bought? You probably made an organic search for something in the search engines and stumbled upon information regarding that search. Information probably written by the author of that last infoproduct.

So now that we’ve established that you hate writing articles, but know that it’s an absolutely essential part of any internet entrepreneur’s marketing plan, this will help you get started…

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