Bounce Rate: How To Improve Your High Bounce Rate

If you publish an article blog, hopefully you are well aware of your bounce rate statistic. You can get a general look at your site’s bounce rate over at or you can get a more detailed look (which pages have the higher bounce rate, etc.) if you check inside your Google Analytics stats. If you already know that you have a high bounce rate, then here’s two major tips to help you improve it.

TIP #1

Create a START HERE page.
This is something that never dawned on me until I ran across one on a friend’s site. I thought it would be a great idea for all the newcomers to my site who weren’t really sure where to begin with article marketing – how to get started. So while it has been a nice way to introduce my site and my topic to new visitors, it has also helped me build my list (I guide them to signing up for my article toolkit) AND it has also helped improve my bounce rate – significantly.

New visitors who find your site through one specific article, may not know where to go next on your site once they are finished reading. Some people just happen to find your site while cruising for related topics. A great way to get people to move deeper into your site and therefore keeping them on your site LONGER which improves your high bounce rate is have a start here page.

TIP #2

Check your site’s entry pages.
If you use Google Analytics or any other type of statistics tracking tool for your site, you should be able to check what pages people use to enter your site. Of course the home page will be the first one, and you can always make tweaks to your home page to ensure that you offer the visitors several opportunities to dig deeper into your site.

But checking the other pages people enter in might shed some better light on why folks are leaving so quickly. You have to check the entry page AND the keywords they used to find the page. Your stat tool can tell you that. So for instance, if people find your page on blogging through the keywords list building, then there is probably a high chance that you will have people abandon the page. They didn’t find the content they were looking for.

You want to make sure that the content on your entry page matches the keywords that people are searching for. In another example, I have a grammar tip lesson on bear vs. bare on this site. A lot of people find this tip through the search term “too much to bear”. Now that could be because people want to know how to spell bear or bare in this sentence OR it could be that they need help because life is too much to bear.

I have left it alone because most folks seem to be looking for the proper spelling of the word for that sentence use, but this is a page that could have gone either way. So just double check that your content matches up with how the page is found. You’d be surprised the many ways that people find your pages through organic search.

If you have any other cool SEO tips you want to share on how to improve high bounce rate statistics, please share in the comment section below.

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