We’re On Alltop!

We’re On Alltop! Yippee:)

Getting your site included among the coveted web directories is frankly like pulling teeth! You either have to pay for one like the Yahoo business directory (which I don’t know how good of an investment that is any longer) or you have to have the patience of Job and bide your time.

Lisa Angelettie On Alltop

Well patience finally paid off because my site is now included in the much coveted Alltop.com Directory. With pretty high standards, I can’t even tell you how long it took before I was accepted into Alltop but that’s okay, because I am super excited about contributing my content and what I know about content marketing to the Alltop community.

If you have your own page on Alltop of your favorite blogs (something you should do if you haven’t), then I humbly ask if you’d add my site to your list of blogs to watch. Find me in the content marketing section here: http://content-marketing.alltop.com/.

I’m among some fine company on that page: Seth Godin, Copyblogger, The Blog Squad — so I’m definitely feeling like “I’m one of the cool kids!” (Of course you need to scroll it bit down on the page to find me:)


WriteSwap: Content Marketplace Like Fiverr

WriteSwap Is A Marketplace For Content And Looks Like Fiverr

I know some of you are never going to take my advice and leave a lot of the creative writing elements of running your business for you to do yourself and not outsource to someone else.

So with you rebels in mind, I stumbled across a site called WriteSwap which is a marketplace for all things content related such as: Advertising, Articles, Biographies, Blog Content, Direct Mail, Ebooks, Editing, Email Copy, Fiction, Licensing/PLR, Press Releases, Proof Reading, Reports, Research, and  Sales Copy/Critiques.

The site looks a lot like Fiverr, in fact it seems to be built on the same platform which is cool, but the pricing is not the same (which is a bummer). The jobs on this site run more than a Fiverr job ($5), and tend to run an average of between $10-$50 USD.




Can Readers Share Your Articles?

Can Readers Share Your Articles?

Many people know that I am a dog lover and I recently lost my beloved Pepperz a few months ago. So I read a few newsletters from dog trainers, etc. One of my favorite newsletters always has great articles, and I read one today that I wanted to share with my daughter. Well I could share it via Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Yahoo (see image  below) — but my kid is not on the social media sites – so all I really wanted to do was share the article via email.

share articles

So this is the thing — Sure I could have copied the url in my browser and copied and pasted the link to her in an email – but the same excuse could be made for all of these social media sharing sites as well. The whole point of including easy to share buttons below (or above) your articles is to make it as easy as possible for readers to share your wonderful content! The key word here is EASY. No copying and pasting.

Your typical reader who would have shared your article via email would probably have simply clicked away because they had to do much in order to share your article. It irked me so much, that it moved me to write this article:) Just remember:

1. Most article directories already include email sharing on their sites, but just check to make sure. A good article directory will include both “old school” and tested sharing options like: email sharing, adding to favorites, and printing options as well as “new school” social media sharing such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.

2. If you write articles on your own blog (and you better be:), please make sure you are including a way for folks to share your articles. Something is better than nothing — but ultimately you need to pick strategies that a new internet user can do (like email sharing) as well as savvy ones  (such as Twitter).

3. If you own a WordPress blog, there are oodles of sharing plugins that you can use to share your articles easily. I use one that looks like this (share and follow) and includes what I feel are the most used social media sharing tools in my niche as well as the old school sharing ones like plain ole’ rss feed, printing, and emailing. Best of all, they host their images on their own CDN which means that their plugin doesn’t slow your site down. A few that I’ve used in the past slowed my blog down tremendously.

share articles

So have I convinced you? What’s the point of writing great content if folks who love it can’t share it with others? Let me know what you think in the comment section below, and feel free to share this article with someone you think needs to read it :)

Email Marketing: How To Get Your Emails Read

Learn Email Marketing & How To Get Your Emails Read…Especially If They Feature Articles!

One of the #1 things that I recommend to my members is that they write and publish content consistently to their own sites, AND promote those articles to their lists via email marketing. Now of course there are pros and cons to any marketing strategy, and it makes sense to analyze them, before you commit to them. So today I want to talk about using email marketing as a part of your overall article marketing promotion strategy.

The Email Marketing Advantage

The great thing about using email marketing is that it is free and easy. All you need is a connection to the web, an email address, and you can send pretty much any message to your list. Normally you would have to pay for this type of access in the offline world. For example, direct mail. At best it will cost you the price of a stamp, at worst a direct mail campaign can run you hundreds of dollars per campaign or per month. That’s what makes email marketing such a great deal.

Having said that, there are business owners out there who have abused email marketing and really taking advantage of the system by spamming, etc. Also, now that reading emails is practically a normal activity for many people at home or work – folks are starting to become a little desensitized to email marketing messages. I mean consider your inbox. How many email lists are you on? And how many do you actually read? When I look at my inbox, I read emails based on level of importance, urgency, and interest.

So people that read your emails are hopefully going to be:

1. People that requested and confirmed to be on your list. Email/autoresponsder services like Aweber make sure of this.

2. People that are highly interested in your topic.

3. People that need answers or information that they are depending on you to provide

4.  People that trust you, your advice, your recommendations

But this does not happen overnight. It takes work to get people on your email marketing list. And then it takes even more work to get them to actually read your emails. But here’s a few tips to help get your email read – especially your articles…

#1 – Write An Eye-Catching Subject Line

The first think I look at when I see an email in my inbox is to see who it’s from. There are certain entrepreneurs and marketers who have gained my trust – so I read everything they send. But if you haven’t built that bond of trust yet with your list, your subject line is the next best piece of email marketing real estate.

Your subject lines need to capture the attention of your readers without being spammy. The best way to do this in my opinion is to model your subject lines after emails you actually opened because of the subject lines. What worked on you will probably work again. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Avoid Spammy Email Marketing Subject Lines

Using these types of email subject lines might get you noticed at first, but readers will quickly designate you as a slimy spammer and your credibility will be ruined. Trust denied. Also these types of subject lines can get your emails marked as spam and get you banned from your email provider.

  • RE: or re:
  • Your [insert company] account has been Cancelled / De-Activated / Terminated
  • From admin
  • Notification of payment received
  • Fwd:
  • I read your ad or I saw your ad
  • Please Verify Your Account

#2 – Set The Stage For Your Articles

There are many ways that you can introduce your articles to readers via email. Some like to include the entire article in an email (I don’t use that one). Others like to introduce the article and include a link to the full article (I do use this).  Another strategy is to list several articles with article titles and summaries and allow the subscriber to pick and choose which articles they will read (I do this in my newsletter).

However you decide to promote or feature your articles via email marketing, you need to make sure you capture the reader’s attention. Speak to their quest for knowledge, for answers, for help. But be classy about it. Don’t spam. Don’t “sell”. Just send informative, interesting, and content that speaks to your community of readers and your email marketing campaign WILL get read.

#NewTwitter – Have You Checked Out New Twitter?

Ready To Try The #NewTwitter?

new twitter

I often mention 3rd party Twitter tools in my articles or some of my guides, but I think that new Twitter has finally caught on. I’m getting the feeling that they really don’t want us to use these third party tools. No, it seems as if they wanted to give us a better user experience (via their site and not some other guy they have to keep an eye on).

In the new design, you can see  @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists just above your timeline on the left.

On the right, you can see the features you’re familiar with, including whom you recently followed and who recently followed you, favorites, and Trending Topics.

It’s also much easier to embed media like photos and videos because they have created partnerships with multimedia sites such as: DailyBooth, DeviantART, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, TwitVid, USTREAM, Vimeo, yfrog, and YouTube. Very Smart! Because honestly, I never figured out how to add multimedia to my Twitter posts – so I never bothered. Now it’s real easy.

The new look has a nice easy feel of a slick 3rd party tools without all of that API aggravation.

The only con about the design is that it really blocks out a lot of what you may have had in your background image on the left hand side.. Especially if you’ve customized it with your urls, social media names, and photo. You may have to restructure your background image or you can go ole’ school and use of Twitter’s backgrounds.

Bottom line – Article promotion with Twitter is going to be a breeze, because I’m liking the ease of use and the convenience of #NewTwitter – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Check it out…

Lisa Angelettie: Apex 2010 Award Winner!

Yippee!!! I just discovered that this site “Article Marketing Strategies” has been awarded a 2010 Apex Award for Publication Excellence. It was stiff competition this year as only 1/3 of almost 4000 applicants were presented awards, and MANY of the competitors were writers who work at big universities, hospitals, or financial companies.

Many of these writers were hired and are paid to write for their respective companies. In fact, many of these companies have marketing budgets in place to support these guys and gals, so considering that little ‘ole me is hanging out with some pretty good company, I have to admit I’m a bit excited!

If you want to enter your writing (there are a lot of categories to choose from) for the 2011 competition, make sure to drop by the Apex Award site and download an application. (I have no affiliation with this organization, so I don’t benefit in any way whether you enter or not. Just a recommendation:)

Lisa Angelettie's Apex Award

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Ultimate WordPress Ping List: Free PDF Download

Wordpress Ping ListI always teach my article marketing students that it’s to your ultimate advantage to write and publish some of your best articles to your own website, preferably a WordPress blog. So as you write new blog articles and post them to your WordPress blog, a great way to attract more traffic to those articles is by letting other people know (right away) that you have posted new articles on your blog. This is done very effectively via WordPress through your ping list.

If you have a WordPress blog already, it is currently set up by default to use a service such as ping-o-matic to announce on the web that you have posted new content to your blog – but to really see a significant traffic increase to your website there are quite a few other services that you should use and add to your ping list.

It’s important that your ping list stay fresh AND that you do not ping the same service with duplicate content. That’s why I have compiled an ultimate ping list that should help improve traffic and buzz for your blog. Plus – no opt-in required and it’s free:)


One more thing, remember that implementing your ping list is only part of an overall healthy SEO Article Marketing plan. There are plenty of other tweaks you can make that will make your WordPress blog even more of a traffic magnet. For example, there is a WordPress plugin that I use in conjunction with my Ping list that enhances its usability. These are SEO tweaks that have been crucial to the visibility of my site in a sea of tough competition. Anything you can do to help your content stand out among the rest, is a tweak worth the time and effort.


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Free Article Marketing Lesson

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